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Welcome to the official Live Love & Auslly Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to Auslly Around the world people create stories for the one and only. Austin and Ally! A trip to The users stories would either make you happy, sad, or just very emotional, some can be filled with Drama! Meet the characters, listen to songs, and more, all here on the Live, Love & Auslly Wiki! Don't forget to read this wiki's Rules & Guidelines before you start editing.
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About Us

This is about the pairing of Ally Dawson and Austin Moon from the hit TV show Austin & Ally. It has lots of fanfics based on the show, but from a different point of view. Only Admins create the stories  that go in the navigation bar, but usual users can create a story using pages still! Hopefully you'll enjoy it, and come back to see what has been updated!


Auslly is a great couple and is the most loved romantic pairing from the show, apparently they date in season 2! Which will be great! This wiki is just a fanfic though, not actual episodes, so please don't get confused with the actual show, thanks to all the users who come onto here! :)


This is not the official Austin and Ally Wiki! (Obviously) If you want to go to the actual wiki, click Here ! But, if you want to see the greatest Story alive, then click here ! Its the greatest one and is surely the best known, its called 'A High School Rockstar' And was created by a wonderful person :)

Featured Author!

Our Featured Author on the wiki is HelloKittyR5! First of all, lets get to know her, we asked for her hobbies!:)

"I love to play Basketball,Soccer and Football :)"

Now, about her stories.She gave on which are hers, and which she is getting more known for!:

"I have Stranded and It All Started With A Bet my most popular story is Stranded :)"

She also gave a quick spoiler for Stranded! Check it!:

"Stranded Spoiler:Austin and Ally will be forced to get along but not by someone *hint hint* lol idk im not really good at giving spoilers :P"

Featured Story!

The featured Story on the wiki is "Ally's Heartbreak" by User:Fiolet4eva. She is an Admin and is very loyal to the wiki. First of all, she gives the plot and meaning to the story, here is her words: "Well Ally's best friend, Skylar, starts to date Austin. And Ally just started to like Austin so she gets jealous and at some points, heartbroken." As she says, This is her only story so far. If you have not read, she also is telling us what has happened so far: "Well...... Austin asks Skylar out and she accepts. She tells Ally. Ally ends up inviting Megan Simms over to Sonic Boom. She hangs a mistletoe in the practice room, but she leaves for a few minutes. When she returns, she ends up seeing Austin & Skylar kissing." The Main Characters of her story is listed alphabetically. There is Ally Dawson, Austin Moon, Skylar Matthews, And Trish De La Rosa.

Featured Show Song

Our featured song from the show, on this wiki is "Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song)". It was featured in the episode "Everglades & Ally-Gators", obviously as a song to celebrate Summer Time, and mainly how some people spend it. The songs Moral is on how you can have time with your friends, doing what you do and sometimes chilling. Since the beginning lyrics have "Summer Love Hanging in the air", it is also suspecting to respect and enjoy love that occurrs in the Summer. Some people count this towards Auslly, since obviously, Austin & Ally had written it together, and most of the song was about their summer as well. To view the songs page on the Austin & Ally wiki, Click the name on the first line, or here.

Featured Character!

Our Featured Story Character is Claire from It all started with a bet, By HelloKittyR5!

Claire is...

"She's a very bubbly,Random,Funny,always in a happy mood"

She is also..

"She's 14 yrs old,she loves sports and Fashion".

But the real question, who is she and what is she in relation to other characters?:

"She plays Shay,Sarah and Ally's younger sister "

Featured Show Character

Our Featured Show character is Ally Dawson. Ally is a warm-hearted mostly rule follower girl. In Magazines & Made-up stuff, Austin had called her a wise woman, and in Parents & Punishments he had also described her as Talented, which in other fans opinions, she is. Ally is 16 years old and is a main character of the show itself. In Austin's defence, she is his Best-Friend, and overall partner. She writes songs and sings, yet has horrid Stage fright. In Girlfriends & Girl Friends, Ally had admitted she has a crush on him (Austin).

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User of the week

It gives information on what its about. It's a forever Lasting competition on the best user weekly! :) Join us! You can be the next User of the Week!

Featured User

Our featured user on the wiki is MacyZC55. She is always active and friendly within the wikis features and rules. She follows and respects everyone, and handles situations amazingly. She is an Admin on the wiki, so she has rights with her actions. This is what Macy would like to say to describe herself, and so you can get to know her more: "First my hobbies. I like reading FanFics, drawing, playing Table Tennis, and of course, I love watching A&A! I kinda like studying, even if sometimes is frustrating, but I like learning new thing!:)" She is a pure girl for sure. She matches any A&A fan there could be, of course! But the best thing everyone is different in their own ways. This can be included to prove that you can be who you are and not the mask you hide behind. She is an inspirational, confident, and an astonishing user on the wiki. We are always proud of what she is, and who she may be. She ships Auslly! Haha, we all do! Its an Auslly wiki! Heres what she also has to say on that: "My thoughts about Auslly... well, I think Auslly is an amazing pairing, because in real life, you can find a lot of boys an a girls -who are best friends- and then (maybe), they start to like each other and they're afraid of loose their friendship. That's what Auslly looks like! It's really awesome how they try to protect their friendship, because it's really hard to find true friends in 'real life'. Also, it's really cool how they develop their skills in the music industry!" With that, im pretty sure you guys can agree to those terms. Yes, not everyone may get their fantasies, but to face the facts, you get what you were made for. Thats why Macy was made for being a star. An intelligent user, who brightens the world even if it ran out of happiness. We even asked her to tell us which character she is mostly like! To be caught out, heres what she spilled: "Okay, the character I a mostly like... That's hard! I can't choose one, but I think I go for Austin. For example, I love music and I love being on stage like Austin, but It's really hard to write my own songs! I'm not that good writing poetry or those things... Maybe I'm just good writing FanFics! The only thing we don't have in common is that he can play almost EVERY instrument... I just play the flute and sing!" Music is a lovely thing and feature to the world, it cannot be described more perfectly. To be honest, everyone has hidden talent, especially Macy. She could be denial, but thats just shyness overcoming you. Talk to Macy sometime, and trust me, she'll be a sunshine. Thanks for reading about our featured user!:)

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